Diane R. - Apr 4, 2011

Wow, what a breath of fresh air!  After a very challenging move to Boston a year ago, finding my new apartment in Dallas was actually fun, thanks to Rebekah.  She knows the Dallas market very well and will help you find the most bang for your rental buck based on what you actually want in an apartment.  She's friendly, punctual, and will help you figure out what you're looking for without imposing her own taste.  As a bonus, she's also continued to send suggestions on power companies and where to rent a washer/dryer.  I am looking forward to moving into my lovely new Dallas apartment in a couple months, thanks to Rebekah's help!

Jose C. - Feb 8, 2011

After having my assignment in Houston extended I decided I wanted a nicer place to live for a longer-term, I contacted a few agencies that although good were by no means great. Then, I contacted Brian Jones at Bamboo Leasing. The man was professional, prompt, friendly and extremely helpful. After some questions over the phone he was able to compile a list of properties tailored to my wishes and budget within the hour. He went on to call the apparently notoriously unreachable management at two properties I was interested in and sort out some viewings. I found the perfect place thanks to this realty company. Brian was available at all times and delivered fantastic service. Highly recommended to anyone looking for  place to live in Houston. Top notch.

ivor m. - Feb 2, 2011

I e-mailed Alison from Bamboo oN a sunday! On the same day she answered, next day I had a list of the apartments that fit my demand. We schedule a visit and I close the deal on the same day. Fast and Accurate, can't get any better then this...

Kelli R. - Jan 17, 2011

Thanks to Alison Coy for making apartment hunting so stress free! And for finding me the perfect apartment in a really nice area that I would have never found on my own.. After a short phone conversation, Alison knew exactly what I was looking for and seemed to be very confident that she could provide me with many choices that fit my needs and budget.. An hour later she emailed me a list of properties, and called again to educate me on the neighborhood and the amenities surrounding each property (SO HELPFUL!).. I had so many questions and she always knew the answer..  She was also very knowledgable about the quality of property management and security at all of the properties, which is something you usually wouldn't get to know until AFTER moving in.. After we looked at the properties I ended up choosing the very first one she showed me..

Alison was so friendly and so helpful, I'm certain I wouldn't have found a place near as good as what she found for me, so thanks again to Bamboo and to Alison!

Barry A. - Jan 13, 2011

Alison Coy was my leasing agent and I have to say with very little information from me, she was able to quickly and efficiently provide me with a list of properties that suited my requirements.
I was very grateful for her vast knowledge of the area as I was new to Houston and really didn't know where to start, I'm glad I started by speaking with Alison.
By asking me a few more deliberate questions Alison was able to make a short list of the choices she provided me with. The swiftness of the service was amazing as i was in a hurry to find a property!
She set up viewings for me for the next day and I was able to find my perfect apartment that fitted all my needs and under my budget!!
I would highly recommend using this service.
Thank you once again Alison for all your much needed help.

Jahaira L. - Jan 6, 2011

Alison Coy was awesome!!! I told her what I was looking for and something close to work and she emailed me right back with many listings of exactly what I wanted! She was able to call several places to see if they had any specials and what was available! Her and I went to visit places and I got exactly what I wanted for an amazing deal!! Everyone that comes over loves my apt bc Alison was able to find me a great apt for a great price! Thank you again Alison!

lauren d. - Aug 31, 2010

I was very satisfied with my experience with Bamboo Leasing. Sarah Jones found my roommate and me a great place. She answered all of our amateur questions, and was always available to give advice. She set us up with the best people to talk to at each complex we visited, and supplied us with a good variety of places. It was nice to go into an apartment viewing and having people's faces light up when you tell them who sent you.  We are very picky people, but we are very happy in our new place.

If you try Bamboo Leasing, request Sarah, since she's the owner... A friend of mine was kind of neglected by another employee.  But Sarah is awesome!

Dilip J. - Aug 28, 2010

Ok, I've dealt with quite a few agents in different cities, some of them really high producers.  But if Brian is any indication, this is the best company I've dealt with.  He emailed me info on locations before we even met.  He asked me good questions before we went anywhere, then quizzed me on opinions on each place we went.  He kept reviewing the list, so we didn't waste any time.  I was dazed and confused by the end, but he knew exactly the places I needed to visit.  In a very short time I knew exactly where I wanted to be.  He'll do the same for you.  He's a smart guy, and knows the city.  Time with him is not wasted.  He has a good system and good network, you can rely on him.

Stefanie S. - Aug 27, 2010

Amy Horneman was the best! There are so many choices in Houston and it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for it, unless you have the time to make the search your job!!! I told Amy exactly what I wanted, where I wanted to live, what I couldn't do with out and my budget. On the same day she sent me several ...listings (event places that were not yet on the market) and asked what times worked for me- she was extremely patient and offered great encouragement throughout the search! I am happy to say I am settled into my new place - leaving the old one behind three weeks early!

Take it from someone who has lived in Houston, Miami and New Orleans and likes to move a lot!!! Amy was the best Agent I have worked with - totally available and worked around my schedule!

Great Job Bamboo - I will definitely recommend your company and Amy!

Ken C. - Aug 26, 2010

Sarah Jones was extremely helpful in my search for a new apartment. She gave me several choices in the areas that I wanted, while keeping my budget in mind. I did not feel pressured in any way, and she was very respectful of my time. I always got quick and complete responses from her, and I am overall very satisfied! Thank you so much Sarah!!!

Brian L. - Aug 24, 2010

I was fortunate to use Bamboo Leasing for a quick move from Scottsdale, AZ to Dallas, TX.  I was referred to the Company through a co-worker of mine that had worked with them to find a place in Addison.  I called their Office number and explained my situation.  It went something like this..."Hi, I need to find a place for my girlfriend and I in about week".  I spoke with Sarah and Lauren over the phone and they asked me what we liked to do, price range, work commute, etc.  I really feel like they were both able to relate to what we were looking for.  Later that same day I had approximately 15 potential living locations in my inbox.  We whittled our list down to about six places and Lauren took care of setting up appointments.  She came and picked us up and drove us around Dallas since we were new to the area.  This was a nice added bonus as it is one thing to read about an area vs. actually driving through it to see it in person.  We cruised through our six pre-selected locations and it came down to our three favorites.  Lauren called each place to get their best rates and asked any follow up questions we had.  In the end we decided on a cool location between Uptown and Knox/Henderson.  Since we have moved in Lauren has called or emailed us to check in and see how we like it....a nice touch.

Long explanation, but some key things to remember:

*As it pertains to Dallas...they know the area well.
*They have a good sense of price and can set your expectations upfront.
*The Company seemed much more genuine and sincere than other leasing companies we have worked with in the past.

Good luck on your house hunting!

Brandy M. - Aug 15, 2010

I recently moved from out of town and worked with Sarah Jones from Bamboo and she made everything easy for me. She not only showed me around the buildings I had chosen, she also showed me around Houston. It made things easy that she had contacts at all the major buildings and she set up showings. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new place in Houston.

Rachel H. - Aug 10, 2010

Being new to the area, I really appreciated Brian and Sarah's help in finding me the perfect place to relocate. After answering a few questions, they were able to generate me a customized report on apartments close to my work. I received the report in minutes and the best part was they pointed out places that were currently running deals. I was able to get a much bigger apartment, closer to downtown and under my budget in a matter of hours! Thanks to Bamboo Leasing and I will be suggesting them to anyone who is looking to move!

Casey Gill, Dallas, TX - Aug 6, 2010

I had such a good experience with Sarah Jones from Bamboo Leasing. I moved from Los Angeles back to Dallas, and she made the tedious task painless!! Would definitely recommend... already have to several friends!! 🙂

Alexis R. - Aug 6, 2010

My boyfriend and I were relocating from Miami and were a bit sticker shocked when we heard some of the rental rates around the area. Brian talked us down off the ledge and explained that there were good deals out there. Like finding a needle in a haystack, Brian found us exactly what we were looking for: over 1,300 square feet with wood floors, a modern kitchen, washer and dryer included for $1284 per month near Rice Village. When we first visited we were told $1400 a month but after 2 calls with Brian he had them negotiated a free month of rent! If you are looking for a deal or want someone to negotiate a better deal for you then Brian is your guy he can be reached at 713-392-0725.

Geno Y. - Aug 2, 2010

Rebekah Stricklin with Bamboo Leasing is top notch!
My fiancee had previously used Rebekah to find her home so when we decided to look for a larger home we contacted Rebekah.

Rebekah is attentive and diligent without being pushy. Rebekah also is VERY knowledgeable of the Dallas market and at times just makes a phone call to set up several appointments.

We also love the fact that Bamboo Leasing offers green-living solutions and they are a philanthropic business, making a charitable contribution to chosen charities for each lease or sale.

We highly recommend Rebekah and Bamboo Leasing to anyone who is in the rental market.

Matthew R. - Jul 31, 2010

I met one of the Bamboo Leasing agents at a favorite hang out in Houston (a Cantina...). ANYWAY I was blown away with what the person told me about Bamboo. Sustainable apartments, $100 donated to charity of your choice, and resident happy hours! She hooked me up with Rebekah in Dallas who could help me with my relocation.

Rebekah was freaking amazing! She made my relocation easy. I saved so much time, and with her expertise, was able to find my apartment within one day. Not only was it a great relief to get that done so quickly, but her knowledge made me confident that she had found the right apartment for me. Rebekah picked me up from my hotel and shared inv...aluable information about the city. She is very personable and I felt like she got to know me and what I wanted.

After my experience with Rebekah I would not look for an apartment any other way. Just walking into a leasing office with her told the leasing agents at the apartment complex that you were serious. She also got me an amazing deal on rent. When I went to sign my lease, I overheard other people being quoted $200 more for the same floor plan Rebekah helped me find.

Not only can I wholeheartedly recommend Rebekah myself, she has also found THREE of my friends their new apartments and I know they would be quick to recommend her as well. Rebekah and Bamboo rock!

Zufog Reviewer

Tina was polite and on time. I would probably use her again if I was looking for a house.

ZUFOG Reviewer

I'm incredibly pleased with Christine! Everything was fast, easy, and convinient! Not only she found me the perfect apartment, but also a great rate and discounts! I even got free washer and dryer and free rent thanks to her negotiation! She gave me quite a few options and clearly explained what to expect from each one of them, then she narrowed it down and it took us no time to sign the lease! Now I have a perfect apartment, perfect views and perfect location! Thank you so much!