Semida - Dec 13, 2015

We had the best experience with Mrs. Voicu selling our house. She was always available to talk, listen, and answer any questions just like a best friend or family member. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring and knowledgeable agent to help you every step of the process.

Semida Voicu - Dec 10, 2015

I would highly recommend Semida if you're searching for a home. She definitely made my experience a pleasant one! Semida is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and she provided invaluable insight throughout the process. Most important, Semida listens to you and advocates for you. I never felt pressured   to make a purchase and she patiently worked with me until I found the perfect house. Semida went above and beyond in every aspect! I will definitely work with her whenever I buy or sell a home in the future.

Semida Voicu - Nov 20, 2015

Semida worked very hard to get us exactly what we wanted. It's such an emotional time when you are buying and selling a house. I was all over the place, but Semida helped me through it. Thanks Semida for all your help! We love our home!

Toby Linville - Nov 2, 2015

Toby Linville!!!  Absolutely fantastic service. I was recently transferred within my company to our center located in Upper Kirby. I am not originally from Texas and have only lived in the suburbs during my three and a half years here. As I have spent very little time inside the loop I knew I would need help trying to find a safe and affordable place to live that was close to work. I cant tell you how lucky I was to run into one of his listings on Craigslist during my initial search for places. He talked about growing up in the area, working for many of the best properties through out the years and really having a hold on the the culture of each diverse area within Houston. I reached out to Toby and from day one he ROCKSTARRED it out for me. Always available to talk, he really took the time to listen to what I was looking for, put together a comprehensive list of possible properties that could fit my need and budget and spent an entire day with me looking at properties. I cannot tell you what a difference it makes with the leasing agents having a liaison who knows the walk and talks to the talk. The overall outcome proved to put me in my DREAM apartment at the Pearl Midtown at a price so low I am not even going to share online!! If you are looking for a place to live, whether it is an apartment or home I highly recommend working with Toby as I am confident he will be able to guide you seamlessly through the confusion and find you something truly amazing at the best possible value!!

Semida Voicu - Oct 28, 2015

Semida was great! She was very attentive and aggressive in a high demand market. She is knowledgable of the schools and neighborhoods, which was most important for us in choosing our home.


Semida Voicu - Oct 22, 2015

Semida was patient while we searched many houses to find our home and even changed our minds in what we were looking for. She always did her best to accommodate our busy schedules while providing many houses for us to look at. Her strength, in my opinion, was her business knowledge. This went to   our favor when arranging the contract to best suit our financial situations and goals when moving into the home. The buying process went very smooth with the help of Semida.

Blake Phillips - Oct 16, 2015

Blake is great to work with and was awesome with my stepson! He went out of his way on many occasions to show us homes, even stopping on his family vacation. I hope to use him in the future to purchase a home!

Blake Phillips - Oct 16, 2015

I was very impressed with Blake. His timely response of providing apartments within my budget were spot on! He went to many locations and took videos and pictures and got insight into the local area. He even met with me and my family on move in day and helped move us in! It was so great to have a caring and thoughtful agent. I would recommend Blake to anyone looking in this area and will be contacting him in the future to help me find may next place or house. Cheers Blake!

Blake Phillips - Oct 15, 2015

Blake was crucial in my move from St. Louis. He met all my requests and found me plenty of options after I told him my requirements and he acted very quickly to my requests. I would recommend him to anyone that is moving here!

Clay Joyner - Oct 15, 2015

A couple of weeks back I was in a huge rush to move. I found out one of my best friends was moving to Houston from out of state and we had less than a week to find a place. Since he wasn't in Houston it was up to me to find us a home.

I contacted Clay Joyner after seeing one of his postings online. It was a Sunday night and he got back to me right away. After countless attempts to reach someone all weekend I was thrilled he was so prompt in his response. We had a quick discussion about what I was looking for and within 24 hours he had a whole list of places for me to see. He was very mindful of what I had discussed with him (budget, BD/BR, amenities, etc.) I feel like he listened to me and what I was looking for, as opposed to just throwing vacancies my way.

What I really appreciated about Clay was his honesty. He didn't try to sway me one way or the other. He simply told me the facts, both positives and negatives (if any) of each apartment. I was completely overwhelmed apartment shopping not only for myself, but for someone else and he couldn't have made it an easier process. I would recommend Clay and Bamboo Realty to anyone moving in or to the Houston area.

Blake Phillips - Oct 13, 2015

Blake Phillips,  is a very nice person I really appreciate the fact that he set aside his time to reach out to me prior to me moving . Blake is very detailed an attentive to the needs of his clients. I would highly recommend him to any and everyone. I didn't have a Realtor I gained a friend.

Kisha Wilburn - Oct 12, 2015

Kisha Wilburn is, without question, my A-1 gold standard when it comes to customer service and real estate knowledge. From the first interaction, she proved to be extremely responsive, thorough and helpful. She always got back to me very quickly, each time with great information. She even negotiated a couple of our leases for us and saved us some money and headaches. I've referred several friends to her and will continue to do so. Kisha is just that good.

Kisha Wilburn - Oct 11, 2015

Kisha Wilburn was my representative on a recent apartment hunt. She turned a task which I was honestly dreading into a truly enjoyable experience.

From the start, Kisha was very attentive and put in a real effort to understand my needs and desires in a new place; which really weren't that clear at the time. The morning that I met her in Fort Worth to begin the search, she had a great list of options worked up including summaries and descriptions of what to expect. We worked our way from place to place and all along the way Kisha exhibited great knowledge of both the properties, as well as the industry in general. As I alluded to earlier; I really didn't know exactly what I was looking for as this was my first time renting an apartment. Kisha was patient and asked relevant questions that ultimately led to me finding a place that I am truly excited to move into.

If it wasn't for Kisha's patience and honest effort I can truthfully say I would not have ended up in such a great new place. I would recommend Kisha to anyone tackling the sometimes daunting task of finding a new place in a big city.

Clay Joyner - Oct 10, 2015

I recently moved to Houston. Prior to my move I came to Houston to search out for apartments I thought it made sense to hire a realtor instead of try and do it on my own since I did not know all of the best places around or the area at all I googled realtors for apartments and Clay Sands information came up. I called him and he was immediately helpful from the first call.

I got to Houston and he already had places set up to look at. After looking at three places I knew I had my mind made up. He got me a great deal on my apartment and I could not have found a better location than where I am currently at now, not only for my commute to work, but the amenities in my building and the surrounding restaurants and shopping.

I am so grateful that I got in touch with Clay and he was able to get me exactly what I was looking for, for the price point I was needing to be at, and for the ease of doing business in finding my apartment in one day! CLAY. YOU NAILED IT!

Kisha Wilburn - Oct 8, 2015

Before starting my search for a new apartment in Uptown I tried reaching out to a few apartment locators to help in my endeavor.  While a few reached back, the realtor that stood out for me was Kisha Wilburn with Bamboo Realty.  Kisha would email back with new apartments to see within minutes of me emailing her .  She would set up appointments that same day and was always willing and on time to show each property.  She was truly amazing.  She corresponded each day with me and sent new properties that she thought I would like.  Kisha really keyed in on what I was looking for and went above and beyond my expectations. 
I would highly recommend Kisha as she was truly the best realtor I have worked with in the DFW area.  If you are looking for an apartment or trying to find a home, you will not be disappointed in using her. 

If I ever decide to make a move again or buy a home, Kisha will be the realtor I call.  I am confident in her abilities and professionalism.  She was truly awesome!!!
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Semida Voicu - Oct 2, 2015

Semida worked for us like she was part of the family. She listened to our needs and inquiries at any day and at any time. She had her list of houses to look at and we had ours. We chose and are living in her first choice. She focused on needs and the corresponding neighborhood with great schools.   Her knowledge of local neighborhoods was essential. She also negotiated on our behalf to ensure essential repairs were done before closing.  The process took almost a month. We are very happy with our
new home.

Clay Joyner - Sep 17, 2015

I really do love this company. I am a doctor, and I recently relocated from out of state. With my insanely busy schedule & no time to come into Houston & apartment hunt, I had to rely on finding a place online, that I would likely not see it until I moved in...scary thought. But, to my pleasant surprise, I found the perfect company, not only to help my find a place while I was living out of state, but that understood exactly what I was looking for. I called Bamboo & spoke to Clay, who was so very personable & sweet. I must admit, I was very picky about what I wanted in an apartment, and doubted I could find exactly the right place. But Clay began working on my specific requests including apartment amenities, neighborhoods I preferred & even what types of places I wanted near me based on my lifestyle & daily activities. Within no time at all, Clay had narrowed down the vast number of apartments in Houston, to a few that were very specific to my taste- I could hardly believe it. Once I picked a few of my favorites, we did a virtual tour. I was able to see all of the details of the apartment & the property. I was even introduced to the apartment manager via live chat-it was great. I later sent my mom to take a final look before making my final decision since she lives in town. Clay & the apartment management were so great to her-she could not stop talking about the customer service. In the end, I was able to pick the perfect place & sign a lease within a week. A few weeks later when I moved into the apartment, I was amazed at how great the place was- Clay really knew what I was looking for. The apartment itself, as well as the property & neighborhood were perfect! It is rare to find such great, quality service and a company that works hard to make the process as easy & hassle free as possible. I have relocated several times in my life, and this was, hands down, the easiest apartment search I have ever had. I could not be more pleased with my choice to use Bamboo & I feel very lucky to have met such a great sales rep in Clay- Thank you all!

Blake Phillips - Sep 15, 2015

Blake was exceptionally helpful with the negotiation process.  He was patient with my numerous questions and quick to respond. He was accommodating of our schedule and needs.  Would definitely recommend him.

Blake Phillips - Aug 27, 2015

Blake provided outstanding service and communication throughout the process of purchasing and updating our home at the Enclave at Grove Hill. As a result of his knowledge and assistance we feel we got the best value in purchase price and later maximized the selling price to some very satisfied new residents.
His helpfulness shows in everything he did for us.

Semida Voicu - Aug 24, 2015

My experience with Semida was very good.  We accomplished what we needed to accomplish in the time frame that worked for us.  She did everything she could to help us understand the selling process along the way.  I would work with her again.

Kerri Truelove - Jul 28, 2015

Usually not a reviewer for most things, but when it comes to something like buying a house, let me give you peace of mind. Use the only name synonymous with the best......Kerri Truelove!

I had been in and out of the apartment lifestyle and was tired of the "roommate" experience. I knew it was time for a place of my own. But no one ever tells you about the ugly truth that goes into buying a home. The constant searching, the paperwork, the filing, the waiting, more waiting, etc. I thought it was something I could do myself. But I was wrong! So I had to bring in someone who could help. When I first called Kerri and asked her if she would help me with this, I had no idea what I was getting into. She was like Siri on steroids! Before I could even ask the question, she was already answering and reassuring me that she had taken care of it. It was amazing. And if she hadn't already done it, she was knocking on my door with the paperwork that needed to be sent in, regardless of the time or her situation. It was gonna get done!

She had mapped out a few houses in the area in which I was searching. Some on the lower end and some on the higher end. But with each house, she was honest with me. She wasn't trying to hurry me along to get her cut and move to the next customer. I was her priority and she made sure of it. I finally settled on a house i wanted and Kerri worked diligently to get in touch with their realtor and handled the negotiations. She took the proper route and not cut any corners to make sure I got the house. Had I not personally experienced the hard times trying to do this my myself, I would have thought it was all unicorns and rainbows. Kerri was that good!! Very painless because she took care of everything for me. She even came to the closing as support. She still calls a year later to find out how things are going. I was a person and not a number with her. If you are looking for a house or apartment, you need to find Kerri Truelove first.

Blake Phillips - Jul 28, 2015

Blake did a thorough job of introducing us to Dallas and its many neighborhoods in preparation for our relocation from Chicago. His candor, attention to detail, and consideration of our needs helped us find an ideal place to rent for our first year in the Dallas area. We are grateful for his help and highly recommend his apartment locating services to others.

Blake Phillips - Jul 25, 2015

Buying or selling a house is probably one of the  most important and stressful experiences people encounter during their lives. It is very important to engage the right person who provides personalized service to guide you  through this purchase. Blake Phillips went above and beyond what we expected and exceeded our expectations in all areas. 

Blake's involvement with clients is to get to know them and understand their needs. His very responsive and calming demeanor is truly an asset in the crazy market we currently have in Dallas. Not only is he very knowledgeable in market analysis, whether buying, selling or leasing a home, he offered very helpful staging advice, as well.

His years of experience, professionalism and responsiveness would be an asset to any individual or family seeking a real estate transaction. We would use Blake , without hesitation for our next real estate investment.

Blake Phillips - Jul 22, 2015

I just moved in this weekend to an apartment that Blake Phillips at Bamboo Realty found for me, and I couldn't be happier with either the process or the result.

He really listened to my not-very-eloquent descriptions of what I was looking for in a new place, and was able to translate them into useful parameters to filter through all the listings.

Because I was interested in several new complexes that didn't have many reviews or photos, he went to these properties himself and sent me pictures and information about all the aspects I cared about, and then came and toured them with me when I narrowed down my list.

Blake was great, and the employees of the apartment complexes knew him and commented on how thorough he had been during his fact-finding.

The apartment locator service worked great for me, I'm now in a home that matches all the criteria I had for price, location, and amenities, and all the work was done for me. Thanks Blake!

Blake Phillips - Jul 21, 2015

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Blake Phillips to anyone who is interested in buying, selling or leasing a home.  From my initial conversation with Blake,  I knew that he would find my son the perfect "home" as he asked me all the pertinent questions and told me of concerns with several of the buildings I wanted to see.  Honestly is key. He emailed me pictures of the apartments which he had previewed prior to our arrival, scheduled appointments and has a good relationship with each of the leasing agents with whom we met.  I found this to be very advantageous.  Blake was also very helpful in giving us insight into the area: bus routes, grocery stores, movers, furntiure stores etc and answered any other questions that we had.  Once the lease was signed, he has followed up several times to make sure that everything is OK.  Blake is very personable and a true Professional and his real estate expertise made this experience wonderful.  I can't wait to work with him again when it is time to purchase a home in the Dallas area.